The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Dartboard – Why You Need One

Arachnid 360 is one of the best dartboard brands we have today. The company started producing electronic targets in 1975. It has since grown into a globally-recognized corporation because of providing real value for money.

Apart from that, Arachnid provides players with high quality and regulation-sized gadgets. These devices are ideal for use by beginners and veterans alike. Better still; the products get engineered using top-notch materials, meaning you do not experience bounce-outs during a tournament. 

Target Boards Produced by Arachnid Today

arachnid cricket pro 800 manual

It has taken Arachnid forty-four years to evolve. Evolution has led to the development of more dartboard versions. Target boards in production today include:

  • Arachnid cricket pro 650 electronic dart game
  • Arachnid cricket pro 800  variant
  • Arachnid cricket pro 450 talking electronic game
  • Arachnid cricket pro 750 talking electronic game
  • Arachnid cricket pro 670
  • Arachnid bull shooter cricketmaxx 5.0

The list is endless and all the models mentioned above work as intended. 

Dartboard Features

None of the items mentioned earlier can, however, beat the arachnid cricket pro 800 series. Recall, the board is bigger and better than any of the other prototypes. At 10 pounds, the device becomes one of the easiest to carry and suspend indoors or outdoors.

Even captivating is the fact that the gadget supports 40 games and 179 variations. It is, therefore, perfect for players with varying skill sets. You can also take part in seven different cricket tournaments, whether solo or in the company of friends. 

Besides, the dartboard gets produced from long-lasting nylon sheets. It also features a micro-thin segment. The piece, thus, remains unmatched today. 

Are you aware of the heckler feature? The dartboard has an in-built sound system that taunts players depending on their score frequencies. In a nutshell, the target board accommodates a vast array of players. It is affordable too!

Why You Need One

arachnid cricket pro 800 standing electronic dartboard

You better spend a fortune on a top-quality product than on nothing at all. The Arachnid cricket pro variant is one of the best dartboards money can buy and here is why you need one. For starters, the device has an extensive display, thus, perfect for target practice. Its broad frame makes scoring easy. 

The gadget also weighs 10 pounds. It is a lightweight component you can prop up in your living room with little worry for a fall. The device is also portable, hence easy to move by hand or carriage. 

But that is not all. The dartboard accommodates novices and veteran players with ease. Remember, the device gets produced from sheets of nylon. These sheets then get arranged into micro-segments, cross-sections that reduce the number of bounce rates experienced. All players are, thus, capable of recording a score.

As you well know, the arachnid cricket pro beats other models hands down and here is why. The gadget supports 40 games and 179 variations. More so, the dartboard has seven different cricket games. It is, thus, perfect for solo users as well as crowds. 

As if that is not enough, the board has a heckler feature that adds on to the fun. It taunts single and group players depending on their success rates. It is for this reason that revelers find the equipment accommodating. 

Above all, the dartboard eliminates all biases. It has a super-sized LED display system that allows you to see point averages for every complete round. The massive display also eliminates room for error, given that players can spot targets with ease. Arachnid cricket pro is, therefore, the best option for beginners.

Last, you get two sets of darts after every dartboard purchase. Such extras make playing a fun activity. You can even compete against seven other opponents. In brief, the dartboard is safe for home use. Remember, you only use soft tip darts with plastic-capped heads that barely leave poke marks. 

Best Darts to Use on the Device

arachnid cricket pro 800 vs 650

Steel tips come in handy when competing against a group of opponents. They are ideal because they hardly bounce off of the dartboard. That, however, does not mean they are perfect for electronic boards. They destroy the LED display system, including other internal components after release. Soft tip darts are, thus, more convenient for digital targets because of their plastic shells. 


Quality is costly in the short-term but cheap over the long haul. You, thereby, make fewer trips to the convenience store when you buy top-notch commodities than when you go for more economical derivatives. Recall, high-quality goods hardly break down. 

Buying the arachnid cricket pro 800 board model, therefore, saves you a ton of cash. It also saves you from heartache experienced during product malfunctions. In a nutshell, you better spend a fortune of a dartboard that serves your needs for many years to come. 

How to Set Up a Dart Board

The game of darts is a popular and fun hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone in any suitable environment as long as they have the right equipment. A dart board is a major thing that you should have before talking about the game. There are different types of dart boards but the standard one is ideal and you need to ensure that it is properly set.

To understand how to set up a dart board, there are many steps that you must consider. It is crucial to ensure that you have enough space and the walls together and floors in the room you will hang your dart board is clear of obstacles. You can enjoy the game of darts in the comfort of your home or any other preferred place.

Steps for Set a Dart Board

how to set up a dartboard on a wall

This guide gives you some basic steps that you can follow to set up your dart board at your place. First and foremost, you should make sure that you have enough space in the area where you want to set up your dart board. Space should measure at least five feet wide and 11 feet long and it should be clear. Don’t forget to leave space for the spectators so that they can also enjoy the game.

You must also ensure that there is a dart mat on the floor if you do not have a wooden one to protect the sharp dart tips from breaking. It is also essential to make sure that the dart board is set within a cabin mounted on the wall. If the dart board set does not come with a cabin, then mount a protective wooden board on the wall that is sufficient to cover the play area just in case the dart misses the board.

When you intend to put a dart board in any place, make sure that the spectators together with the players will be safe. You should keep away the board for windows, doorways or areas where there are breakable objects. Keep the board away from the way of people to avoid injuries as well as disturbances. Darts can bounce and fly in the wrong direction which can result in injuries of unsuspecting people passing or nearby.

How to Mount Your Dart Board?

how to set up a dartboard at home

You should make sure that the bull’s on the center of the dart board is exactly 5 feet 8 inches (1, 73 meters) from the floor. This is the standard height for a standard dart board which is usually hung from the center using a screw. Should you hang the dart board from the top, make sure that you maintain the height of the bull’s eye.

When the dart board is already mounted in a protective cabinet, you must also maintain that 5 feet 8 inches height for the bull’s eye. When you mount the cabinet to the wall, make sure that there is sufficient height from the floor to the bull’s eye. As a standard rule, you must always make sure that each method of hanging the dart board gives you the required height for the bull’s eye.

When the board comes with a backing board disc, you must mount this first on the wall but make sure it is within the corresponding height with the bull’s eye. The bracket comes with a U shape that will hold the screw mounted at the back but the center of the dart board.  

When you have mounted the board on the wall using the wall bracket, make sure that the scoring 20 area is on the top and is vertically straight. The other issue is to ensure that the board flushes with the wall and is not tilted to one side. You should then mount some patches to keep the board firm and prevent it from moving.

When your board is firmly mounted on the wall, the next step is to create a throw line. The distance of the throw line should be 7 feet 9 ¼ inches or 2.37 meters. You should note that this distance is not from the wall but the face of the dartboard. The thickness of a standard 18-inch dart board is one and a half inches so you should not include this distance to that of the throw line.

how to set up a regulation dart board

You can also use diagonal measurement to determine the distance of the throwing line. You need to have some people to help you since you can best measure this diagonal distance using a line. The diagonal line should measure 9 feet 7 ⅜ inches (2.37 meters) from the bull’s eye to the mark of the throwing line.

Both horizontal and diagonal measurements should produce the same result. Make sure that you make the throwing line point with a wooden board mounted into the floor so the players do not go beyond it.